Rissbrook and Bickley

This is our family home page, it cover South Staffordshire (now apart of the West Midlands) and the Black Country in the UK.


Bickley Traced back to about 1803 Little Wenlock, Shropshire
Rissbrook Traced back to about 1790 Brandon Suffolk
Blackham Traced back to about 1800 Kingswinford/ West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Morris Traced back to about 1808 Mainstone, Shropshire
Sellick / Sillick Traced back to 1718 Devon
Francis Traced back to 1857 Wolverhampton

You will find the Bickley name in the Submitted pages

Some of the name have been submitted to me from the U.S.A and are not a part of my family but lived in the area's where my family lived and are in the Submitted pages, some of them have email address if not please email me

Any suggestions or criticisms would be gratefully received. If you want a page on your family branch I would be more than happy to add one.

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